Hire Movers or Ask Help from Friends: Things to Consider to Answer this Question

Some, if not all, people dread moving. From packing things to loading and unloading, to the sifting and the transportation, everything about moving spells exhaustion. Moving is among the least favorite things of any living human being in this world. However, regardless of how dreadful and tiring moving can get, people still aren’t 100% sure if they would do the moving themselves or rely on it to professional movers.
Even some people who can afford the cost of hiring movers still think twice about the whole process, and it’s no wonder if you are one of them.

If you have asked yourself whether to hire movers or ask help from friends, consider yourself normal. If you decided to transfer to another home because your work requires you to do this or you just want a change of scenery, moving is one of the things you have to face. However, if you are torn between asking for friends to help you in packing and hiring professional movers to handle everything then here are some points that may help you in weighing your options.

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1. Cost
Probably one of the major concerns of several people in hiring professionals is the cost. If you hire professional movers, you will either pay hourly rates or a one-time pay for their services. It could be pretty expensive but will definitely be worth if especially since the companies will do almost everything. From packing to loading and unloading to the delivery of your things, the professional movers will do it all for you. Most companies also have insured professionals and experienced ones so you don’t really need to worry about broken furniture or loss of valuables as they will likely be replaced.

If you opt for the other option, just ask your friends and family for help then it could seem pretty cheaper. However, you also have to consider the right equipment to use in moving, refreshments for those who will help, moving truck expenses, breakage or loss of items, and more. Often, people underestimate the costs of having to handle the moving themselves. Whether you choose to hire professional movers or ask help from friends, expect to shell out a few bucks from your pocket.

2. Equipment
Unless you own a moving company, you will have to use your own energy and body strength for the moving process, and it won’t be easy. Having the right equipment is not a must, but it will save you a lot of time and energy plus it can make the moving process easier. One of the best things in hiring professional movers is that they have the right equipment to help dismantle your bedroom set. They have the right sized truck that can accommodate all your furniture.

3. Time
Moving can take a lot of your time. It will require your time and energy. If you choose to hire professionals, they will handle everything for you while you supervise a little and still do some work. If you opt to do the moving yourself, it will require your full attention and time.

4. Security
Another major concern of people is the security of their things. Well, some moving companies are notoriously full of unprofessional movers. Things may disappear and sometimes broken, but the good thing is you can avoid this through research and checking company reviews. There are companies that have insurance for all the things you ask them to move. In hiring professional movers, your valuables are handled by experienced movers and the things are insured.

5. Effort
Moving is tiring. You will have to pack your things, sift them, load and unload, and all. Professional movers can help you lessen the stress because they can take care of the majority of the process, but if you choose to do it alone, be prepared to drain your energy.
Hire movers or ask help from friends? If you have asked this question before, then these five points may help you get to the answer. If you have enough time to spend on the process, and you don’t really mind having family around to help you, then you can do the moving yourself.

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