Moving in with your Boyfriend: The Ultimate Checklist

Are you really ready to be sharing the same bathroom, sharing the same TV, and sharing the same bed and fridge space? You love each other and all, but moving in together is serious business. To determine whether you are ready to move in with your boyfriend, check out this ultimate checklist:

1. You’re doing this because you love each other.

Some would say like instead of love, but the point is that your motivation should be each other, and not because you are trying to escape from something else in your life.

Why are you doing this? This should probably be the first question you ask yourself. It should simply be because you like/love each other and want to get to know each other more. Don’t be motivated by the desire to escape your own loneliness, your own difficult circumstances, to wrangle him into pre-marriage, or whatever other motivation you may secretly have.

Move forward instead of back and keep your expectations simple and uncomplicated. You’re far less likely to be disappointed in the long run.

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2. You’re both doing okay, financially.

Statistics show that the most common reason couples argue and eventually split up is money. After all, a relationship requires a great investment of time, energy, affection, and of course, money. If you’re used to paying your way until now, make sure you don’t skew up the power dynamics by joining it up with a guy who’ll mooch off of your savings.

And vice versa. Don’t be a mooch yourself, or he may resent you for it. If you’re both financially independent, you may just have crossed one future deal-breaker off your list.

3. Are you Ready to Compromise?

Living together means compromising. Well, a relationship does, but more so when you live together. Are you ready to sacrifice some of the things that you want to preserve the greater good? Moving in together means it isn’t just about you anymore. It’s about the both of you.

4. Are you prepared to draw healthy boundaries?

This ties in with compromising. If you’re ready to make sacrifices, you also have to know when to draw the line and insist on what you want, thus expecting your other half to make compromises in return.

5. Are you ready to shatter the illusion of your perfect relationship?

After the throes of the romance and the passion, it’s time to get real. The two of you both have flaws, and neither one of you is perfect. Moving in with your boyfriend means knowing him more intimately, including his flaws and this means that he will also know you and the imperfect person that you are.

Do you drool when you sleep? Do you have a tendency to fart loudly? Do you look like a wreck before coffee and before makeup?

Are you prepared to learn that your perfect man snores, that his feet smell after a long day at work and that he scratches his butt and belches after a really full meal?


If you’ve checked off all these five items, you may just be ready to trade in the romantic illusion of your perfect relationship for a real-life and satisfying partnership.